Custom Email Accounts!


Email accounts are available with the following domain names:

  • baptist.email
  • baptistmail.net
  • kjv-1611.com

You can have a personalized premium custom email account (i.e. yourname@baptist.email) for $12 per year. This is not a forwarder, but a regular email account. Try it for free! If you have a baptistmail.net forwarder you can now convert it over to a regular premium email address!

To request an email address, click on the appropriate form under the premium email address buttons on the pull down menu.

To get a new baptistmail forwarder, please click the request button to request a personal baptistmail.net email address.

If you currently have a baptistmail.net email forwarder, and need to change the target address (the address it is currently pointed to) please click on the change button.

This email will be forwarded to any current email address you own. You MUST have a current email address that you will point the baptistmail address to!

You will be notified by email when the address is set up.

Someday You Will Stand Before God!

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